IMOS = Inbound Marketing + Outbound Sales

If you have any of the following challenges, IMOS is for you:

Improve the prospecting process and sales qualification.
Improve brand recognition and increase audience
Improve communication with prospects and customers
Enter new markets and / or introduce new products / services.
Integrate marketing and commercial operations
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the commercial team
Increase the sales of your web portal

IMOS is a method to increase sales using the digital world that integrates consulting, technical and operational services throughout the client’s journey.

Consider the integration of inbound marketing strategies plus outbound sales, strategic and operational consulting, technical, human resources, definition of KPIs for the improvement of the commercial process and positioning of organizations

With IMOS you can achieve the following:

Compliance with KPIs committed to deliver sales goals.
Increase the number of brand followers
Improve business positioning
Improve the efficiency / effectiveness of the commercial team



I want to get 100 qualified prospects per month
I want to get 10 new customers per month
I want to increase my brand followers by 9% monthly
I want to standardize my sales and marketing costs at 15% of total sales


1. Planning and Consulting
Define Value, Buyer, Content Strategy, SEO Optimization, Integration, Automation and Qualification
2. Traffic generation
Generate content, Keywords, Improve positioning, attract visitors
3. Conversion
Identify prospects, message strategy, centralize information
4. Nutrition
Execute the content plan, messages and automatic evaluations
5. Market rating
Evaluate the real interest of the prospect in the product / service
6. Sales qualification
Evaluate the interest of the prospect in terms Budget, Authority, Needs, and Timeline. Confirm if there is an opportunity.
7. Opportunity management
Take the prospect identified by the phases of the sales cycle
8. Negotiation and closing
Conclude the sales process


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