Sales and customer services

From prospecting, qualification, offer and commercial closure to online customer service.

When a customer buys a product or service from your company, he also purchases the experience that goes with buying it. An experience is a whole process of deriving a benefit from the product. And no two separate departments can accomplish that experience alone. Sales cannot provide this experience – it can start the experience, yes. Customer service cannot provide this experience if it cannot offer products that solve problems and cultivate better experiences.

When working together, sales and customer service teams create a more comfortable, user-friendly buying experience. Sales teams help customers find products and services and customer service ensures their interactions with the business remain positive over time. This creates long-term customer satisfaction and generates word-of-mouth referrals for potential leads.

Sales and customer service should help each other in a variety of ways. After all, these two departments spend more time working with customers than anyone else at your business. Since they maintain a personal connection with your customer base each possesses valuable insights that can assist the other. By sharing information between the two departments, your company will create a more enjoyable customer experience.

Customer success is a proactive function of customer service. It looks for ways to remove roadblocks before customers encounter them. Salespeople should regularly check in with this branch of your customer service team to identify timely opportunities to upsell.

With our model of inbound marketing we integrate roles and functions from webmaster and comunity manager until sales and representative managers. With our model you can have:

  • Attract qualified visitors to your site
  • Turn your visitors into business opportunities
  • Build relationships with your contacts throughout the process
  • Analyze your results, optimize the process and test the ROI



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